ML11: Am I a mobile nomad*?

…post not more than a 200 word reflection in your blog on who you may consider a mobile nomad to be and why designing courses for them might be important, or not. *Nomads are mobile by definition. I prefer “mobile worker” or “mobile learner.”

I need to access learning where I happen to be, on one or more devices at once. I have to fit learning in within small allotments of time, but sometimes I have three hours I can devote to my studies. I must be able to start and stop on any device and come back to the same place using a different tool. Sometimes I need to use two devices at the same time and your system shouldn’t prevent it. As a busy adult, I’m simply not able to carve out 3 hours a week to sit in a class. Know that during my lunch hour at the Day Job, I will religiously hop online to check our assignments or participate in our discussion, but it’s unlikely I can attend even an online meeting with fewer than 72 hours’ notice.  If you want to capture me as a learner, and potentially my tuition dollars, give me something that fits into my time and offer me connections, ideas, and materials I might not stumble upon in my travels. Connect me with other learners that live far away from me. Give me feedback as a real person, too.


Unrelated video of my dog Sparky…or a subtle, intelligent metaphor…?



5 Responses to ML11: Am I a mobile nomad*?

  1. Ben Akoh says:

    Progress, in bits and pieces – sizable chunks! Not in unwholesome wholes. Makes sense. But does sparky ever stop to reflect in the futility of his endeavor? Does that action of reflecting knife through the bulk, reducing the chunks? If Sparky stops running circles, does that worry his owner? Would s/he be concerned that something has gone wrong and therefore Sparky needs to see the vet? Great reflection. Thanks.

  2. Haniyfa says:

    Leah, I hope we are/ are not like Sparky.I hope we are not going around in circles and by the same token, wish we could receive something rewarding, which gives us pleasure at the end of the day. You seem to have a method which works for you as a mobile worker. Congratulations, Haniyfa

  3. Very much helpful topic sir,
    i like that and i want to say that i am totally agree with you.

  4. Stu Harris says:


    I think the last part of your entry speaks particularly to what mobile devices [mobile learning] can and truly does support….strengthening my network and my connectedness. I have not decided if the video is unrelated or is a metaphor for something bigger yet….I do feel like a dog chasing its tail now and then.


    • leahgrrl says:

      Ah, he may be chasing his tail, but he is steadily moving forward as he does it….
      And once in awhile, he catches it! Then he drops it and starts the chase again.
      Thanks, Stu, for stopping in!

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