CCK11: Concept map

Welcome to my Concept Map, assignment #3 for our Connectivism and Connected Learning course. It’s hard to read this small, but I kinda like the over / view. Can you see it?

I tried to make sense of the unique parts of connectivism as a theory of learning in the digital age. I also deliberately tried to keep it extremely simple and clear with few nodes and identified connections.

To create this, I tried a new software, VUE from Tufts University. Although this is a quite basic diagram, VUE seems to have more powerful elements within it. I always like to try new software, and sometimes I get in the try-and-discard mode, running to collect and know about all the latest shiny toys. (Funny, though—I never really did that with toys.)

I believe if you click the image, the large version will come up in your browser. I don’t know whether any of the embedded notes or links will work in this saved version.


3 Responses to CCK11: Concept map

  1. Zaid says:

    WOW! I thought your concept map goes beyond what I consider to be a basic diagram 🙂

    I love exploring maps and diagrams, because it allows us to see the connections and flow beyond bullet points 🙂 Though, it can get messy as we expand and go into details. But, then again I suppose effective learning is perhaps much more messy than we originally thought or diagrammed 🙂

    Learning how to learning is a lifelong journey 🙂


  2. Nina Collins says:

    Great map, and yes when I clicked on it the whole-screen version popped up. I haven’t tried the software myself but it seems quite powerful. I use Buzan mindmap and whilst it is good in sorting out my braindumps, it isn’t great in mapping relations between complex ideas.

  3. Nice concept map, gives me a quick overview of connectivism. Strong case for VUE as well!

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