Postscript: In the human field

Today I’ve been home from the Day Job trying to get caught up on my freelance work; one huge project is doing some ghostwriting for a scientist who wants his ideas put in more popular form (in order to get somewhat famous, maybe go on Oprah). What I’ve been up to most of the day is transcribing and taking notes on videos he’s sent me.

In a curious digression into learning, he remarks (paraphrased), “Nothing but an underlying foundation of human connection is really going to serve us in a culture where information is being generated so quickly. If you don’t deliver your information grounded in that connection, you eventually won’t be listened to.”

I’m not sure I agree with him, but in the context of what I am thinking about it’s interesting to wonder whether that human-ness will be a kind of educational currency.



2 Responses to Postscript: In the human field

  1. Being identifiably human will be a major attribute in the future. There will be two types of beings: frequently asked question generators with their phony interactivity and humans who do the same, but in interesting ways. There was a test in the movie Blade Runner to see if you were Replicant or Human. I think the Replicants biggest threat was they were “better” humans than the humans–thus insufferably annoying.

    Sounds like your scientist client is smart enough to reach out to a wider audience. That can’t be all bad–unless he’s a mad scientist of course.


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