CCK11: Done!

I’ve completed my assigned paper due today, and now I have time for a leisurely dinner with a nice big margarita. I created the paper in Word for specific reasons, which you can see if you wish to read it (Warm Nodes, Cold Connections?).

Any feedback is always appreciated. I’m not 100% happy with it, but I never reach that level of satisfaction with anything I do. Let’s say I’m 83% happy with the content.


5 Responses to CCK11: Done!

  1. Jaap says:

    You wrote a nice paper, it is a very personal paper and I did read it with surprise. English is not my native language and that is a barrier when discussing feelings and emotions, I do not feel the emotional connotations of English words.
    You do make a big difference between information, knowledge at one side and feeling and emotion on the other side. You discover this difference in connectivism and in groups and networks.
    You cite Downes on that.
    I do not agree on Downes here. He elsewhere says groups are kind of networks with special structure. He is right on that I think. But than this difference of groups and networks is not as clear as it seems.

    I did ask the same question on the relation of feeling and emotion and learning and information. May be it is all information, you feel what you emotions do and that is information, you know somebody likes you and it is information.
    I see the smile of my wife and that is information, and I smile.
    In some way emotion and knowledge are intertwined (i like this connectivist word) and I could believe that in the brain both feeling and emotion and knowledge are connections between neurons.

    I know the strength of emotions, and I know sometimes it is wise to avoid emotions. Learning sometimes is hindered by emotions. I guess, but I should ask Downes for that. I guess that this is what a philosopher in a theory of learning wants to avoid.
    I will write on this subject on my blog.
    ragrds Jaap

  2. Ken Anderson says:

    Thank you for sharing your paper. I particularly enjoyed the ‘meta-cognitive’ type of running commentary you provided. These sentences are very telling of your searching mind: “Still…I don’t feel like just an activated node. I don’t feel like a dispassionate conduit of connections.” I don’t feel that way either. And, I no longer adhere to what some professors believe, as expressed by this sentence: “One’s personal feelings do not substitute for rigorous analysis, as professors told me for a decade or more.” I think that both thinking and feeling matter. My learning theory (if I had one) would seek to re-join them.

  3. Thbeth says:

    Leah, li o seu depoimento sobre desafios!
    ” lights in my brain start to twinkle and glow, when I’m actually challenged by a new idea or learning how a new piece of software works…”

    Acontece comigo, quando tudo se torna “monótono”, e eu tento criar algo diferente , é como um desafio, criar algo para sair da monotonia!

  4. Thbeth says:

    algo sempre depende de você mesma!

  5. leahgrrl says:

    Thanks, Thbeth. I definitely believe in DIY, but the web now helps that so much, especially with technical knowledge. And challenging myself does make life more interesting. 🙂

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