CCK11: Networking

To my deep embarrassment and chagrin, I do not have enough connections for LinkedIn to create a cool network diagram for me (see, so I cannot provide an InMap to talk about. I have 37 connections on LinkedIn, and apparently I need 50 to create the diagram. This is sort of alarming to me, to ponder both my limited human connections as well as the seemingly high minimal number that LinkedIn thinks is normal. Is it typical to link to everyone or to be choosy?

Because I do freelance writing and editing for a variety of research organizations, I’m familiar with the kinds of projects that they might take on in order to discover, say, how health care information can be distributed in a defined community. Aside from that, I just tried Gephi, open source graphing software that seems that it would create very helpful network diagrams if only I knew more about how to create the underlying data (see some network diagrams here As it was, I used the dataset included, which tracked and weighted the coappearances of Les Miserables characters, to play around with the software.


This is sort of cool, and I wonder if someone more adept could use Gephi and, say, the Google Ngrams viewer ( for interesting analyses of literature like this one.

As I was earning my PhD many years ago, I planned out a series of research projects to keep me busy and get me tenure; one of those was to provide a detailed discovery of the women in early punk rock (both in the US and UK). A network analysis would be ideal; I tried to start this on Gephi but I wound up with an initial start of 7 names in a big circle. Clearly I would need some basic tutorial in data management for a network analysis.


5 Responses to CCK11: Networking

  1. Thbeth says:

    “To my deep embarrassment and chagrin, I do not have enough connections for LinkedIn to create a cool network diagram for me[…]
    :D……. rsrsrsrsrs me too!

  2. Apostolos K. says:

    I was actually wondering what the algorithm is for creating this diagram. In theory so long as you have 1 connection you should see something, simplistic as it may be! I think that LinkedIn may want you to connect to more people (before giving you more data) in order to boost its value as a service.

    Thanks for the link to Ngram, I heard about it on NPR, but since I never jotted it down, I completely forgot about it! 🙂

    • leahgrrl says:

      That’s a good question, and I also wondered why the “groups” I am connected to on LinkedIn were not counted as connections for this purpose. It seems as though that would be a useful addendum.

  3. Ben says:

    I found the same issue with the LinkedIn visualisation. I need to double my measly 23 contacts before I’ll get any pretty pictures. I guess I need to be way more aggressive in linking to people, rather than hand picking contacts I’ve actually exchanged more than polite greetings with…

    • leahgrrl says:

      I guess I’m just not that aggressive. 🙂 I recently expunged a bunch of connections that were just people I knew in passing–who knew that it would prevent me from creating a cool diagram.

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